Room Dividers - Cheap Sliding Modern Wood Divider

Used for centuries and still as versatile today, room dividers are practical, functional and decorative. Brighten a room, hide a cluttered or shabby area, create privacy or define living spaces - all these and more can be accomplished with a simple divider. Be imaginative and have fun with your choices. You may find that what started out as a decorative element also serves a practical purpose as well.

Dividers are available in almost any material you can think of, from woods and woven fibers to metal, glass and even paper. Whatever your decor or purpose, chances are you'll find one that perfectly suits your needs. Are you looking for a practical solution to a home dilemma? No problem. Room dividers can be used to hide a window air conditioner, or the cat's litter box. They can enhance privacy in crowded or shared living spaces, creating a dressing area or personal nook where once there was none.


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Do you need to divide a large space? A divider can become an instant wall, easily breaking up larger areas into smaller ones, and improving the traffic flow within your home. Use them to separate your living area from your sleeping area in a loft or studio. Are you tired of being awakened in the early morning by all the light that seeps into your bedroom no matter what you do? Use a divider. It's better than wearing sunglasses at night!

Do you live in an apartment and can't paint or hang pictures? A divider is the perfect work-around. Put one up against an otherwise plain, boring wall and kill two birds with one stone. Brighten your room and display your art, all the while abiding by your oppressive lease!

Speaking of art, dividers can be beautiful art as well as functional additions to your home. Imagine the impact of beautiful, fine wood, or the subtle interplay of wood with woven fibers. Perhaps you'd like something with a bit more visual punch. Get a screen with the subtle, elegant look of exquisite Oriental art. If you're looking for even more power, try a vivid floral design or a vibrant cityscape.

Dividers and screens serve a useful purpose outside of the home as well. In small boutique or retail spaces, they can hide unsightly areas and define the sales area, separating it from the office space. They can even create a fitting room without any construction at all.




With so many options from which to choose, the function that your new divider will serve will probably help you make the best choice. Do you want something that will be used in different places in your home at different times, or one that will be used on occasion and then put away? Then a lightweight, portable divider is probably your best choice. A folding screen made of fabric or paper would do nicely. Do you want something that's more substantial but not permanent? A wooden folding screen would be a good choice. Maybe you know exactly where your divider will go, and where it will stay. Then a bookcase divider or a hanging divider may be just right for your home.

Room dividers have been in fashion for centuries, spanning continents and cultures. The simple, traditional style of centuries ago is still in use today, co-existing comfortably with new designs and new concepts. The reason is as simple as the concept. They do the job.  Cheap room dividers are actually incredibly easy to come by if you take a look around online.  There are so many styles, too, including modern wood room dividers, sliding room dividers, decorative (yet functional) models, accordian style models, fabric and contemporary models and also completely sound proof solutions.  Materials can be plastic, metal, beaded, and fabric.